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Technological advancements have reached to the level that companies are using human behavior as a pattern in their business. And, the credit for it goes to Artificial Intelligence Software and tools. 

Thus, AI tools are capable of understanding human behaviour and follow their insights. They mimic human cognitive minds, such as logical thinking, problem-solving, social intelligence, knowledge, and others. 

Artificial Intelligence, when combined with Machine learning, can act significantly to improve and automate the business process. 

From scheduling the alarm to chatbots, automated replies, and every small or complicated task, AI platforms are worth for eCommerce, or any business. 

What Features Do AI Software Have?

Artificial Intelligence Software must-have the following features: 

  • Natural Language: The communication between two or more members in natural language os called natural language dialogue. Top AI tools consist of conversational patterns and help them engage users. 
  • Visual Recognition: AI software help users to understand the visual content of your video and images using the machine learning process. 
  • Bot Design: Bots are crucial for your business. Most of the businesses use bots to interact with their customers and are available for 24*7. 
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Most of the AI and Cloud servers are deployed together to solve complex problems. Thus, these platforms can be used as a SaaS and PaaS. 
  • Text To Speech: This is the most prominent feature in AI software. These can convert text into audios and audios into text within minutes. 
  • Predictive Analysis: Staying ahead of the customers is what most of the business want. Thus, Ai software with machine learning can be efficient for predicting the next move of the customer. 

Besides this, AI software has numerous features to offer. That’s why we have compiled a list of 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Software that you must try to create your innovative app. 

10 Best Artificial Intelligence Software For Your Business In 2020

1. Google Cloud ML Engine

Google Cloud ML engine- Best AI software

Owned by Google, their cloud ML engine is an effective AI platform for data scientists and developers who are willing to host millions of data. It is a cloud-based hosting platform where developers can run high-quality machine learning models. 

With Google Cloud, developers can quickly deploy and develop AI-based applications. It provides AI and ML-based learning, predictive analysis, problem-solving, and deep learning.


  • It can also be used to store data using the Cloud store or BigQuery data.
  • All the trained models can be analyzed and deployed. This will be then used to get predictions and monitor the changes. 
  • It comes integrated with the Kubeflow pipeline, which can be used to create an effective ML pipeline model. 
  • Goggle ML has three components, each of which can be used for different purposes; Google Cloud Platform Console, gCloud, and REST API.

2. IBM Watson

Watson AI Software

Watson is a top-notch AI software that comes with a plethora of features. Using Watson, you can incorporate the AI lifecycle in your business to automate the cycle. It can be used to create powerful business models from scratch and also increase speed-to-value with pre-built apps. 


  • Watson uses quick data source functionality to get data for your platform. It integrates with Twitter or Salesforce, or you can also add the data to the spreadsheet to give complete data. 
  • It visualizes the data and asks the question by using the loaded data set. Watson can effectively be used to answer the questions by using various predictions, organizational charts, and maps.
  • Similarly, users can get predictions about the given data set. Based on the user’s targets, it draws comparisons and gives predictions using diagrams. 

3. Infosys NIA

Infosys NIA AI Software

Infosys Nia or formerly called Infosys Mana is a next-generation AI software with amazing sets of Ai programs. It gathers all the data related to people, work processes, automation, and gathers them into a knowledge base. 

Each individual of the company can utilize the channel to create solutions for complex problems and automate the process. 


  • Ease complex tasks by leveraging the AI-based systems. It automates the redundant tasks and schedules the responsibilities. 
  • Traditional organizations can utilize the AI-based model to recreate the model and create a new model using enhanced technologies. 
  • Faster processing and collection of data sources make it a more viable choice for businesses. You can create apps using their architecture and get enhanced insights. 


BAAR Workflow and AI program

BAAR uses its AI programs in digital operations. It is one of the best and cloud-first AI-based business software that uses AI capabilities for digital transformation. 

It can be best utilized by the Digital Agents, which make use of cognitive automation. BAAR helps transform digital operations using workflow architecture and scalable operations. 


  • Create automated workflows using predictive analysis
  • Get detailed analytics and insights into this tool. 
  • It requires less or no coding knowledge. 
  • Baar makes use of the robotic process automation technology to drive more engagement through automation. 
  • Use of computer vision capabilities for quick results and forecast. 


H2O AI Platform

H2O is a #1 machine learning and AI software for creating smooth workflows in every industry. The main objective of this AI platform is to democratize AI for everyone. It is used by the data scientists in various industries; medical, insurance, healthcare, retail, pharma, and others. 


  • It is designed to create solutions for companies that are willing to prepare data and calibrate the parameters.
  • It offers open-source integration with Spark that accelerates growth. 
  • H2O offers two platforms; Enterprise and Open-Source platform for creating their own AI apps. 
  • It also supports many algorithms such as gradient boosted machines, generalized linear models, deep learning, etc.
  • Users can utilize their recipes and models for creating effective apps. 
  • With H2O, you can also transform text strings into powerful languages using the NLP. 

6. TensorFlow

Top AI Program- tensorFlow

AI programs combined with machine learning can be a goldmine for scaling your business. TensorFlow is one such tool that utilizes the data flow graphs for creating numerical computation programs. 

Users can make use of a single API to deploy the servers/computation in multiple GPUs or CPUs. Thus, it has a flexible architecture for the deployment of apps. 


  • Integrate the Responsible AI program to use into your ML workflows and pipeline. 
  • Tensor Flow has a complete suite of tools designed to create an ML workflow and create a data workflow model. 
  • It also offers various language supports and auto-differentiation for the deployment of apps. 
  • It has a vast library of extension and model templates that offers various ML solutions. 

7. Microsoft Azure AI

Best AI Software for business- Azure

Microsoft Azure is a complete AI-based solution for your business. It uses the data framework and images, speech, and texts to understand human behavior. It will help you deploy your model as a web service. 

Azure can be used efficiently by Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and App Developers. It is made for heavy workloads and is loaded with all the AI capabilities. 


  • Smart Cognition: Azure’s smart cognition feature can add smart API capabilities and enable contextual interactions. 
  • Machine Learning: Users can build and deploy the training models from the cloud to land them to edge. 
  • Bot Services: Furthermore, the bot services of Azure ensure the chat and bot on demand. 
  • Databricks: Azure integrates with acceleration tools like Spark to boost and scale growth. It is an effective solution for analytics-based research.

8. Rainbird

Rainbird Artificial Intelligence software program

Rainbird is an easy to use AI software that allows the business to automate their workflow. WIth Rainbird, users can replicate and scale their best workers. Rainbird is divided into two parts. The first part is an authoring platform where the experts create various maps, rules, and data links to educate. In the second platform, users can interact with the knowledge maps using the chatbot or web assistants. 


  • Knowledge maps can be created seamlessly with the visual modeller without making us of any expertise codes. 
  • Rainbird offers the user to ask complex questions. Using the question assistant enables the users to deal with situations like fraud detection. 
  • Similarly, the AI-based tool offers wide reasoning for the answers it gives. Thus, users can get a logical explanation to the answers provided by this software. 
  • Rainbird is considered the best for bank support agents, tax fraud detention, motor liability decisions. 

9. Inbenta

Artificial Intelligence Software for chatbot- Inbenta

Inbenta is a powerful Artificial Intelligence software designed to get more leads and gather more potential clients. Inbenta’s AI capabilities help clients and customers to reach you using the information they have. 

Thus, it cuts out the significant cost of hiring customer support. It lowers the volume of support by using repetitive questions and logical solving.


  • NLP Technology: Inbenta’s NLP technology uses the text strings to convert it to what customers are looking for effectively.
  • Semantic Search Engine: The diverse and vast semantic search engine of Inbenta helps the user to find out exactly what they are looking for. This feature can be most effective for the eCommerce platform and can be incorporated into their system to drive more sales. 
  • Knowledgebase and monitoring: No need for your customers to look out for the knowledgebases to find the solutions. Inbenta has AI bots that help customers to find their answers. Also, you can create your knowledge pages and other pages using their content management tool
  • Messenger Services: Chatbots are useful, but human interactions are essential. Thus, Inbenta analyses and predicts customer behavior creating a system for your agents. 

10. Lumiata

Lumiata for healthcare- Artificial Intelligence Software

Lumiata is an AI software that works perfectly with the healthcare industries. Lumiata’s AI platform eases the task of healthcare and hospitals to organize every record and cleanse and organize the data into the data format.  

It also provides an easy integration of the structured as well as the unstructured data. Lumiata offers various solutions to healthcare industries such as AI Studio, AI Model library to create machine learning models and prediction tools for cost.

Lumiata is best for healthcare professionals, data analytics teams, and data science teams in healthcare. 


  • A single dashboard is used for collecting the patients’ records from multiple sources. 
  • It integrates seamlessly with business analytics tools like Tableau. 
  • Users can make use of the management suite and set of tools to create effective AI models. 
  • AI Model library has created 100s of prediction tools for health analytics.


This was our list of Top Artificial Intelligence Software that can be effectively used to create intelligent apps. 

If you are looking to choose the right AI software for your business, you must consider the features mentioned above before choosing it. 

Some AI software also offers free demos so that businesses can test out them out. If you are looking out for an easy to use AI software, then Azure and H2O are the most feasible choices. 

Hope you have liked our list of Best AI software for your Business in 2020. 

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