Where to buy Huawei phones
Huawei sells its smartphones across the world. However, users in the US might be facing a new challenge. They are finding it difficult to buy new Honor phones. 

After the recent Google ban on Huawei phones in the US, things have not been so smooth for the Chinese smartphone maker. Huawei does not have any direct selling partner in the US; they usually took the help of multi-brand store and online selling. But, after the government, even that is shrinking.

As per The Verge, Microsoft and Wallmart stores have stopped the distribution of Honor phones. Adorama, a smaller operation, recently delisted them from showing up via search in its online store. More sites will likely follow the trend, either by hiding or completely wiping store pages for Huawei’s phones, tablets, and laptops.

Well, that is a serious operational problem for Huawei as a brand. They will not only lose market share in the US markets but also impact brand value globally.

Huawei Phone

Luckily, there are a few places you can still buy Huawei Phone/devices. 

1 – eBay – eBay is one of the oldest e-com websites that is known for keeping everything that you can think of to buy online. eBay still offers all the Huawei devices. You can order it online. Just make sure how to avail the warranty as it might get tricky.

2 – Amazon – The global e-com giants have not disbarred or unlisted the Chinese smartphone maker. You can get all the old and new models here. Amazon is known for its credibility and exceptional customer support.

3 – B&H Photo – This is a New York-based retailers that are selling Huawei devices online. They might not have all the models available, so you need to check out which one are you looking for. When it comes to the warranty, B&H Photo uses third-party partner –  SquareTrade.

What is the future of Huawei in the states?

Well, Google allowed them to use the open source android application and give updates to their users. However, Trump’s economic war with China is getting serious, and this could mean bad news for Huawei and other Chinese brands as well.

With the first foldable phone to be launched in June, Huawei has the support for their consumers across the globe.

So, if you are a Huawei fan, you can get Honor phones from the above websites. Hopefully, things will get better for them in future. We all are waiting for that robust foldable Honor Mate X in June.

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