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The perfect alternative to QuickBooks should have all the necessary bookkeeping/ accounting software functionalities. The alternative to QuickBooks should fit all your business needs while either you are shifting to a new accounting platform or simply looking for free QuickBooks alternatives. 

You can easily find an alternative to QuickBooks that is fit for your business’ bookkeeping needs.

Below we have considered such best QuickBooks alternatives for you.

QuickBooks alternative is listed below. A business can use any of these accounting software for all financial and reporting needs.

With enlisted accounting/bookkeeping software, you can manage sales and income, keep track of bills and expenses, key reporting, easy run payroll, track inventory, accept online payments etc.

While looking for an alternative to QuickBooks or in the midst of searching for any small business accounting software that will keep track of your businesses’ financial health, you should consider its functionalities and features such as-

  1. Cloud Accounting
  2. Invoicing
  3. Online Banking
  4. Accounting reports
  5. Cash Flow Management
  6. Time Tracking
  7. Mobile Apps
  8. Multiple Users
  9. Free Unlimited Support

Best Quickbooks Alternative For Business Accounting

1. Freshbooks

Freshbooks quickbooks alternatives 2020

A very reputable software that millions of businesses rely on for their business functions and purposes. 

FreshBooks is an intuitive software consisting of all you need to manage your clients and projects.

Whether you need to create invoices frequently or accept online payments, FreshBooks will easily catch up to any tasks extremely quickly just by two clicks. This software will allow you to schedule recurring invoices.

FreshBooks lets you Invite business partners, employees, accountants and contractors to FreshBooks and determine their role easily.


  • Ease of use
  • Minimal steps setup
  • Organized
  • Invites customers to projects


  • Lacks inventory tracking
  • No batch-invoicing shortcuts

Get it over – IOS, Android, Web-based, cloud


  • Lite- $15 per month for five clients
  • Plus- $25 per month for 50 clients
  • Premium- $50 per month for 500 clients

2. Wave Accounting

Alternative to Quickbook- Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is ideal accounting software for business owners that has one to ten employees, solo entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants.

Wave will give you remote access to your dates and will generate reports that include various data such as sales tax, balance sheet, cash flow, profit/loss and more. Wave Accounting software is one of the free QuickBooks alternatives.

Wave is the cleanest, most understandable software you’d get for your small business Runnings. Wave is specifically designed for a small business owner’s use, and which could be the best solution.


  • Good user interface
  • Instant payouts
  • Free accounting software
  • Good support material
  • Excellent transaction management
  • Help from expert accountants available


  • No project managing features
  • Limited time tracking
  • Limited inventory

Get it over- IOs, Android, Web-based, cloud


  • Accounting – free
  • Billing- free

Extra costs– payroll, worker’s compensation, payment by wave, wave advisors

3. Xero

Xero software- best quickbooks alternative

Xero is proven to be the best alternative to QuickBooks through its features of the customizable dashboard, beautiful UI, sales overview page that would show the charts and graphs to break down your invoice and estimates, to invoicing, such as: making default payments, bulk invoicing, running and including recurring invoices etc. contact management, expense tracking, bank reconciliation reports runs.

There’s a lot to Xero that will work excellently for your business bookkeeping purposes, and being one of the best alternatives to QuickBooks you won’t feel the need for any other accounting software.


  • Time tracking
  • Large feature selection
  • Lots of integration options
  • Mobility
  • Excellent security


  • Limited mobile apps
  • Expensive
  • Non-intuitive
  • Poor customer services

Get it over- IOS, Android, Web-based, Cloud

Pricing- (business models)

  • Super small – $9 per month for five invoice, bills and 20 bank transactions
  • Small – $30 per month unlimited invoices and bills and transactions
  • Large– $60 per month for multicurrency, project tracking

4. Zoho Books

Zoho books - best quickbooks alternative

Another superb alternative to QuickBooks is Zoho Books, a cloud-based accounting solution most suitable for mid-sized businesses, organizations and sole proprietors. 

Zoho Books as QuickBooks alternative will give you the best features such as contact management, expenses, sales and purchase order and invoices easily, while also keeping your expenses in check.

Not to be confused with Zoho Invoice, Zoho Books is an exclusive accounting software is a free Quickbooks alternative that manages all your book-keeping needs. You can create multiple timesheets for different projects and tracking of expenses. Zoho also lets you integrate with other Zoho products.


  • Great collaboration
  • Good invoicing tools
  • Can manage multiple business tools in a single tool suite
  • Time tracking
  • Budgeting module availability


  • Absence of account payable feature
  • Requires good learning time
  • Reporting tools are limited


  • Free: $0 per month
  • Basic: $9 per month for two users and 50 contacts
  • Standard: $19 for three users and 500 contacts
  • Professional: $30 per month and more than 500 contacts

Get it over– IOS, Android, web-based, Cloud

5. FreeAgent

FreeAgent Quickbooks alternative

FreeAgent, an excellent option for project-based small business and freelancers that need its timesaving features (such as 1)easy attachment of unbilled items to projects, 2)easily integration with PayPal and stripe,3) automatically sends an email for payment confirmation with a thank-u note) and its capabilities, like, running detailed and high-level financial reports, estimating, invoicing and managing payments for a project in one place.

Freeagent, for you, will project manage, would do inventory, will time track, perform international invoicing, track expenses and many more. It is cloud-based hence, you can access it from anywhere.


  • Manages time and monetary budgets
  • Smart bank reconciliation
  • Third-party integrations are available
  • Ease of use
  • Digitally captures receipts


  • Lacks inventory based features
  • Lacks good contact support

Pricing– 12$ per month for the first six months, then $24 per months

Get it over– IOS, Android, web-based, Cloud

6. Harvest

Harvest accounting tool- free quickbooks alternative

A time and expense tracking tool, Harvest will work and manage all sized teams and projects.

A business can use harvest for time tracking, expense tracking, project management, billable hours tracking, task assignment and scheduling.

Harvest easily integrates with Trello and QuickBooks, hence, Harvest automatically becomes the best alternatives for QuickBooks, comparing its stability, quality and reliability with other invoicing tools.

Use this free Quickbooks alternative for its accounting integration, electronic payments, timesheets, budgeting, cost estimating, progress tracking, customizable reporting etc. functionalities.


  • Invoicing and expensing
  • Team management and scheduling
  • Good integration options
  • Activity tracking
  • Mobile integration


  • Doesn’t integrate with FreshBooks
  • Limited reports


  • Free plan costs $0
  • Pro plan costs $12 per month and per person, unlimited projects and unlimited invoices

 Get it over- IOS, Android, cloud-based

7. Sunrise

Sunrise quickbook alternative

Specifically built up for small business, freelancers and entrepreneurs, Sunrise, will simply and accurately will manage your finances, cash flow and will grow your business. With its 100% free cloud-based accounting system that aims to deliver a user-friendly billing and expense tracking solution that further offers, invoices, tax assistance, and financial reports.

Sunrise is one of the free QuickBooks alternatives bookkeeping software. A small business can use

Use Sunrise for billing and invoicing, accounts receivable, expense tracking and bank reconciliation.

Unlike other accounts keeping software and tools, sunrise does not have the feature of time tracking. It doesn’t control or perform payroll management, tax management, project accounting and CPA firms. Though it will set your invoices on autopilot. Every month it will bill your customers and will manage transactions.


  • Double-entry accounting
  • Supports both quotes and estimates
  • Transaction timeline availability
  • Easy invoices and expenses


  • No full mobile apps
  • No dedicated time tracking
  • No adds on


  • Self/free – $0 per month
  • Basic – $149 per month
  • Large– $499 per month

 Get it over- IOS, Android, Cloud, web-based

8. Oneup

OneUp business software- Quickbooks alternatives 2020

one of the least expensive QuickBooks alternatives that work great for small business needs and requirements selling physical products.

 Oneup has the best inventory system seen in online accounting software, making it a perfect match for QuickBooks. 

Its inventory management feature has its built-in CRM function that comes with such inexpensive payment plans. Oneup does not offer payroll features or any integrations. But oneup inventory management is one of the top liked and advanced systems when compared with other QuickBooks alternatives.


  • Strong inventory tools
  • Simple CRM
  • Good mobile apps
  • Smart transactions
  • Great inventory and pricing capabilities


  • Lacks good time-tracking
  • Lacks reports
  • No main dashboard


  • Solo – $9 per month
  • Pro- $169 per month for unlimited everything

Get it over- Android, IOS


This was our list of best Quickbooks alternative that also have some free tools. You can make use of these free business accounting tools to start managing the account for your business.

Though there are many accounting software present in the market, with more and fewer features than QuickBooks. We tried our best to present you with the eight topmost bookkeeping QuickBooks alternative software. 

Other than these, there are a few that we’d like to further recommend: simpleInvoicing, Invoiceberry, ZohoInvoice, Bonsai, Slickpie, zipbooks etc. 


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